Local Specials

In this challenging time, please make every effort to support our local establishments.

Not an official RCBC app.

Announcing a new APP for iPhone and Android that can be used on the web. - Developed by Dovid Baum & Esti Baum as a public service to the community - not a business. Do you want to know which local restaurants are open and which delivery/pick-up service they’re providing?

This app will make it easier for us to help our local businesses by providing the correct information on who is open during the COVID-19 crisis and when. The app will be constantly updated with the latest protocols restaurants are using and store times.

How to use:

To use on an iPhone: open the link on your phone in Safari ( https://openduringcovid19.app/ ) press the symbol on the bottom taskbar (box & upward arrow) and scroll until you see “Add to Home Screen”- it will then function as an app.

To use on a Computer: Follow this link to use on any web browser: https://openduringcovid19.app/ (it will come up looking like an iPhone-but you can press on the restaurants and it will work)

To use on an Android: open link (https://openduringcovid19.app/) on the top right, press the 3 dots- that will open a menu bar, click on “Add to Home screen”

To use on an iPad: open the link (https://openduringcovid19.app/ ), on the top by the search bar there will be a symbol to open (box & upward arrow), press that and then scroll to see “Add to Homescreen”

We are now offering free delivery with your order over $25

Free Local Delivery.

Call 201-833-6000, email teaneckdougies@msn.com or visit www.dougiesbbq.com

$2 Delivery

Hummus Elite special offer.

10% on delivery

15% on takeout

Free Delivery (with min. order)

10% off all orders picked up, mention promo code "RCBC"

www.yallateaneck.com or (201) 885-1555

Shavuah Tov to all! Hope everyone had a peaceful Shabbat. Sending out love to everyone out there. As of now @thehumbletoast will be making deliveries and pickups only starting tomorrow. Free delivery to all of Teaneck & surrounding towns! Any towns that need support outside of Bergen County please call me directly at 646-267-5348.

Our offer to feed any families in need will remain effective as long as needed. This is the time to be kind to one another like never before. Hashem will continue to bless and watch over us through this continued unprecedented time. From our family to yours, we love you all and wish everyone health, happiness and love. We will Survive & God willing Thrive! 💪🏼


WE ARE OPEN FROM 11 am Till 8 pm



To Our Valued Guests,

We are currently in the process of finalizing our plans for take out. Please bear with us as we navigate how to best serve our customers during this time.

For today:

1. Take Out: we will be accepting delivery orders and pick up.

Please check our website for updated menu and pricing. Please place your orders by 3 pm and your order will be delivered between 5:00-7:00 pm. Payment will be accepted by credit card only over the phone. If you live outside of the Teaneck, Bergenfield area and would like food delivered, please call or email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Take out orders will be given a coupon

2. Gift Cards: purchase a gift card this week and receive 20% off the value of the card, minimum purchase of $150.

3. If you do not live in the Teaneck area, consider sending the gift of a meal to those that cannot leave their homes! Once your order is placed, please email us with a note and we will enclose it with your order.

We are planning to have a Shabbat take out menu, as well as Pesach take out menus please contact us for more information.

Thank you for your patience. We hope to see all of you in our restaurant, in good health very soon!