Va'ad haRabbanim - Rabbinical Council of Bergen County

The Va'ad HaRabbanim - Rabbinical Council of Bergen County (RCBC) is the board of Orthodox Shul Rabbis in Bergen County, New Jersey.

As a committee, the RCBC enables its member Rabbis and Shuls to work together in promoting Orthodox Jewish life in Northern New Jersey. The RCBC has proudly supported and been involved in countless efforts on behalf of Jewish education, Israel advocacy, Chesed, Talmud Torah, responding to communal challenges, and many others. The RCBC is the address in Bergen County for organizations both within and without to meet the local Rabbis and interface with the community at large.

The RCBC provides Kosher supervision to nearly 50 establishments in Bergen County. As one of the largest "local Va'ads" in the country, the RCBC has been successful in maintaining a consistent community standard of Kashrus at rates lower than for-profit Kashrus businesses. All of our revenue pays for employee salaries, supplies, and other standard necessities of running a corporation. None of the Shul Rabbis on the board receive any compensation for coordinating and overseeing the Kashrus division.

The RCBC overseas a Geirus Beis Din that is a member of the Network of Regional Batei Din for Conversion under the auspices of the Rabbinical Council of America and the Beth Din of America.