Bergen County Bikur Cholim

Bikur Cholim

The Talmud (Sota 14a) cites the verse from Devarim (13:5) Vehalachta bidrachav, that “You shall follow G-d.” The way in which a human being can follow the Divine is by following in His ways. “Just like G-d visits the sick, so too should you visit the sick.” As G-d visited Avraham after he was recuperating following his circumcision(Bereishis, 17:26-18:1), so too we all have this obligation to emulate Hashem’s ways.

Bikur Cholim Bergen County proudly facilitates the mitzva of gemilus chessed, “one of the three pillars of Judaism upon which the continued existence of the world depends” (Pirkei Avos, 1:2). We provide support, facilities and services to ease the burden of families during trying times. Our goal is to partner with our families to relieve some of the stress and effects of illness with care and concern.

The Bikur Cholim Bergen County, along with the Bikur Cholim of Teaneck and the Bikur Cholim of Englewood, is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization, guided by Rabbanim of the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County. We hope to bring the many, varied resources of the Bergen County community to those seeking world-class medical care at our local hospitals. We strive to perform the mitzva of Bikur Cholim with sensitivity and compassion.